About us

[pizarra]WAKAN was born in 2013 like a window to the natural world. Originality and innovation are going togethertrying to raise the awareness for the nature, educating and entertaining also with technology. We try to cover the necessity in the educational areas and, in turn, to promote the labors of marketing and of leisure of our clients.

WAKAN philosophy Education gives you wings, liberates you, and the knowledge gives you the way. Encourage the society in general, in the objective groups especially, respect, love and knowledge for the animals and the natural environment. How? Educating.

WAKAN team is compounding for a young group with the desire to show the society potential to respect and love their environment, adding new technologies we provide you channels adapted for the diffusion and be sensitive of the natural way, simultaneously we educate in ecosystems protection and biodiversity, environmental education and sustainability.  Anyway so, we show you Earth like an immense treasure and its environments, the animals who are living in, certainly, the potential of possibilities we have being to live and to grow in a world we can make it better.

WAKAN objective Promote the respect towards to the natural way and to be like divulgative platform related to aspects of biology, geography, zoology, environment, natural therapies, and veterinary are our focus.